About Us

AH Music Media is the “for profit” side of Artists House. The “non profit” side is here.

Artists House is a 501(C) 3 nonprofit, educational organization so the revenues that we derive from the sale of our recordings go to pay royalties to artists, songwriters, and publishers and then into creating additional content that is consistent with our mission and goals.

The funding for these master classes was provided by the Norman & Rosita Winston Foundation, of New York City, and the Herb Alpert Foundation in Los Angeles. Also, we received support from several individuals – Jeffery Putterman and Steve Olsen.

Artists House is the result of the efforts of the Artists House Team! You can see who we are and what we do by going here.

In the coming days, we will be adding some new features on this site, including the ability for users to sell their own content here and a breakdown of where the money goes when you purchase one of our products.

Roughly speaking, it costs us $3 to manufacture the tangible “product”, $1 to the artist, $1 to the writers and publishers, and given that we can only make 5000 units under our licenses with publishers, and that we spent around $50,000 to produce each title, the total “cost” for each disc is around $15 per disc. That means we should probably be selling them for $30 or more. But we can’t do that. I guess that’s why we’re a “non-profit”.

But there are those who support the non-profit missions and goals of Artists House, most especially, the Herb Alpert Foundation and the Norman & Rosita Winston Foundation.

Thank you for visiting our site, and thank you for YOUR support!